Mission Background

In July 2012, the EU launched EUCAP Nestor, a civilian mission which assists host countries develop self-sustaining capacity for enhancement of maritime security.

At its launch, EUCAP Nestor was mandated to work across the Horn of Africa (HoA) and Western Indian Ocean (WIO). As of the end of 2016, following a strategic review of the Mission, activities focus solely on Somalia (including Somaliland). The Mission Headquarters is currently located in Mogadishu.



EUCAP Somalia contributes to the establishment and capacity building of maritime civilian law enforcement capability in Somalia, including Somaliland.

Head of Mission: Chris Reynolds

Council of the European Union appointed Chris Reynolds (Irish) EUCAP Somalia’s Head of Mission on 19 September 2019. In January 2019 he was appointed as Deputy Head of Mission and Chief of Staff and in 2016-2017 he served in the Mission as Head of Operations. Mr. Reynolds’ maritime career started in the Irish Navy in 1979 as an Executive (Deck) Officer.

Having served in all seagoing positions on board various Irish Naval vessels he joined the Irish Coast Guard in 1997 and was appointed Director of the Coast Guard in August 2007. Mr. Reynolds was invited to take the Chair of the Heads of the Coast Guards of the EU for 2012-2013 and of the North Atlantic Coast Guard Forum in 2017.

The EU works to contribute to the establishment of a peaceful, stable, and democratic Somalia and it is committed to sustainable development and to increasing stability and security in Somalia, in the Horn of Africa and beyond. A stable and secure Somalia means increased security for the population and the chance for it to benefit from the peace dividends.

After 25 years of civil conflict, a Somali “Maritime Security Architecture” (institutional framework) needs to be restructured. This necessitates inclusive and long-term political and strategic-level agreements. Rebuilding of operational maritime law-enforcement capability similarly takes place with a long-term perspective and needs to be framed within the developing Maritime Security Architecture, the rule of law and human rights, and incorporating a gender perspective.



The EU’s integrated approach:

In carrying out its mandate, in the spirit of the EU integrated approach, the mission cooperates with the EU Delegation to Somalia and the two CSDP military missions operating in Somalia (EU NAVFOR Operation Atalanta, EUTM Somalia); Coordination and joint activities also takes place with EU-funded agencies, such as the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), as well as with the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM).