Our Work

EUCAP Somalia works in partnership with Somali authorities to rebuild Somalia’s maritime law-enforcement and enhance police capability. The Mission works with the Federal Government and Federal Member States to define Somalia’s Maritime Security Architecture, and improve its maritime legal framework and law-enforcement capacity. It does the latter through supporting the development of coast guard functions, which contribute to counter piracy, human trafficking, smuggling and illegal fishing as well as many other maritime security issues.

The Mission also provides assistance to police development through reinforcement of Somali Police Force capabilities, including its interaction with the criminal justice chain, and enhancing the interoperability between Somali Security Forces in support of the Somali Transition Plan. The Somali Transition Plan was developed by the Federal Government of Somalia and its partners to guide the transfer of security responsibility from AMISOM to Somali Security Forces, which includes supporting civilian rule of law in areas liberated from Al Shabab. The Somali Police Force plays an important role in ensuring a safe and secure environment for the population in these areas.

“Our goal is to assist Somalia in establishing effective maritime law enforcement capabilities and support to broader police development, which will also contribute to the growth and sustainability of the Blue Economy.”

Chris Reynolds, Head of Mission