Calls for Expressions of Interest (CfEol) are published here by the Procurement Unit, for the purpose of surveying the interest of the market and identifying potentially suitable economic operators, who are not in an exclusion situation and are capable to implement the concerned project.

Economic operators interested in participating in any of the published procurement processes should follow the instructions provided in the relevant CfEol; and express their interest by utilising “Application form” (Annex A), “Declaration on honour” (Annex B) and Legal Entity Form for Private/Public law bodies with legal form, as well as Natural persons (Annexes C), and send them via email by the closing date to:

When emailing the Procurement Unit, economic operators are requested to specify in the subject of their email the relevant procurement reference number (starting with “PROC_ECS_”).

Procurement ref.TitleType of ContractDeadlineDocuments
PROC_ECS_2021_050 Medical air evacuation services (MEDEVAC)Service2020/12/041. CfEoI

2. CfEoI_Annex_A
PROC_ECS_2021_017Application Development SupportService2020/12/121. CfEoI

2. CfEoI_Annex_A
PROC_ECS_2021_074Project - Translation ServicesService2020/12/201. CfEoI

2. CfEoI_Annex_A
PROC_ECS_2021_132Rental of Armoured Vehicles (AVs) – Lot I Mogadishu – Lot II Hargeisa & Lot III GaroweSupply2020/11/301. CfEoI

2. CfEoI_Annex_A

Below is the list of expired Business Opportunities, pertaining to the 8th EUCAP-SOM Mandate:

  • PROC_ECS_2021_054, COVID-19 PCR testing – Lot 1 Mogadishu – Lot 2 Garowe Lot 3 Hargeisa & Lot 4 Nairobi, Service, deadline 2020/11/23

The list of expired Business Opportunities, pertaining to the 7th EUCAP-SOM Mandate (2019 & 2020), can be downloaded here: Expired Business Opportunities 7th Mandate.